High Intensity Strength Training

High Intensity Training – Workout Tips

Here is an outstanding video made by fitness expert Dave Durell of HighIntensityNation.com. He is demonstrating a high intensity training with a shoulder workout. During this session he utilizes two advanced training methods – per-exhaust and a static hold. Pre-exhaust is done by performing two exercises, back to back. The first is an isolation exercise that is a single joint movement. This is performed to muscle failure of course and than is immediately followed by a compound joint movement, forcing the fatigued muscle to continue working. This is an excellent training method that can be used for just about all major muscle groups. The static hold that he used is essentially an isometric contraction with additional negative / eccentric movement. Notice the entire workout for his shoulders does not take long.

Learn the Secrets to High Intensity Training!

Physiologists have long known that High Intensity Training is one of the most effective ways to build strength, develop muscle and increase your fitness level. However it is also a training method that is often misunderstood and as a result high intensity training is not used very often or very well by the many men and women who regularly engage in weight training. The high intensity training system is based on extensive scientific research and is backed by exercise science and many studies have shown just how effective it can be.

High Intensity Training Tips!

To get the most from high intensity weight training you should first get a thorough understanding of the workout principles and than put them into practice. One of the first things to understand is that high intensity training means brief but strenuous workouts. It is not possible to train with a high intensity level for an extended period of time. To workout for long periods of time it is absolutely necessary to lower the intensity level. Such a lower intensity workout will not yield the maximum in strength training results. It is not the quantity of weight training that is important it is the quality!

Legendary Trainer Greg Anderson takes Advanced Athlete Troy through a HIT High Intensity Pulldown Workout. Again Notice Clean Execution of Form and Complete Fatigue of said Muscles.

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Proper form and High Intensity Training

Another important aspect to high intensity training is the use of proper form for each exercise you perform. It is a natural tendency for people training with weights to simple do the exercise in whatever way is possible to get it completed. This usually results with the specific exercise being done in poor form. This cheating is just a way to make the exercise easier. Obviously to enhance your workout results you want to make your muscles work harder. This is accomplished by using strict form which puts more tension and stress on the working muscles. Using a slow and controlled speed of motion while working against the resistance is the most important part of using good form. An example of this can be seen with a chin-up. To start you should be hanging still in a complete hang position. Than smoothly pull up, taking about two full seconds until your chin is above the bar. Pause and hold this position for one full second. Lower back down slowly, taking about four full seconds, all the way down until you reach the full hang position. Do all your reps with this same strict technique.

Failure Means Success with High Intensity Training

Along with using this strict form the other very important aspect of fitness training is to continue each exercise to the point of momentary muscle failure. This simply means to do as many reps as you possible can until you fail to do the next one. Don’t just do as many as you think you can do, make it as many as you really can perform, in good form of course. Don’t just select a certain number and predetermine how many reps will be done. Your muscles cannot count but they do know when they have been exercised thoroughly. This high intensity training effort will stimulate the muscles to get stronger by recruiting more muscle fibers to use for the next workout.

The Importance of Recovery with High Intensity Training

As mentioned previously the high intensity training method requires brief but intense workouts. To incorporate this into your workouts several points should be kept in mind. First the total number of sets and exercises should be relatively low. It is not the amount of exercise that gives you a good workout but it is the amount of effort that is used with each exercise. Another factor is that your body requires time and rest between workouts to recover, develop and grow stronger. Therefore workouts should be spaced several days apart to allow for full recovery. Following these guidelines will help you get the most from your high intensity workouts.

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3 Best Weight Training Tips – Are you getting the maximum muscle building results from your weight training workouts? Most people could train much better and get much better results. Following these weight training tips can make a huge difference in you workout results. Many folks spend long hours in the gym, pumping iron and lifting like crazy, yet show little benefit from their effort. Other people unfortunately shy away from strength training either because they do not understand the outstanding physical benefit they will get or they think it takes a lot of time. Proper strength training is performed in a high intensity manner. Using high intensity training methods will result in getting maximum benefit in the minimum of time. Actually the exact definition of exercise definition is Intensity = Work divided by Time. Think about his and you will understand that proper weight training should be brief in time but intense in effort. By following these three strength training tips you can greatly improve the results from your workouts and will most likely reduce your training time.

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Please note that the weight training tips mentioned here apply to just about any type of strength training and muscle building exercise and weight training. Free weights (dumbells and barbells), weight training machines and body-weight exercises (such as dips, chin ups and ab crunches) all require similar training guidelines to provide effective strength training benefit.

Weight Training Tips – Use Proper Form!

Proper form – The laws of physics tells us a lot concerning momentum and the forces needed to move any object, such as a barbell or weight stack. How does this apply to muscle building and weight training tips? This is very simple and cannot be disputed. The weight or resistance you are exercising with should never be lifted quickly. You should also not drop the weight. Your weight training exercises should always be performed in a slow and controlled manner. By lifting the weight slowly you eliminate the use of momentum and force your muscles to contract with much more force. This means you will be getting a much better workout. It is simply harder to lift weight slowly then to lift fast. The idea is to make your muscle work harder! It is also much safer to train this way. But just how slowly should your movement be? one very common technique is to take 2 complete seconds to do the lifting motion, a full 1 second pause and then take 4 seconds to slowly lower the weight back down. This results in one repetition taking about six full seconds to complete. Most people train at a much faster pace thereby make the repetitions much easier to perform. Some advanced training methods use even slower movements. These techniques are really very difficult to perform, requires a lot of effort and will take a lot out of you. The most important thing to keep in mind as you train is that you should use a slow and controlled speed of motion and perform the movement through a full range of motion. Using such proper form and proper speed of motion greatly increases both the safety and the benefits of your muscle building exercise.

Weight Training Tips – Use High Intensity Effort!

High Intensity effort – High Intensity training is not a new exercise concept but it got a large boost in popularity during the 1970’s by Arthur Jones, the creator of the revolutionary Nautilus fitness machines. The effectiveness of high intensity exercise has been clearly demonstrated by many top athletes, including Mike Menzter, a 5 time Mr. Olympia winner. But what exactly does the term high intensity exercise really mean? Basically it means that the strength training exercises should be performed until the point of momentary muscle failure. This means to continue the exercise movement to the point when no further repetitions s can be done and the final one attempted is a “failed” rep, hence the name failure. This is one of the most important weight training tips you can follow yet it is often ignored by people who workout regularly. This type of high intensity exercise means your muscles will receive a strong stimulus to recruit more muscle fibers and become stronger by your next workout. You should keep in mind that a high intensity muscle building program is a combination of stimulating your muscles with exercise and than allowing your muscles to grow and develop between workouts when rest and recovery takes place. High intensity exercise puts lots of stress on the body and it must not be overdone by performing too much in one workout or by exercising too frequently. The American College of Sports Medicine, the most respected authoritative organization that deals with the field of exercise, suggests that healthy adults should perform ten exercise 2 times per week, performing 8 to 12 repetitions each set. Since these recommendations are based on extensive scientific research it make good sense to try and follow these closely. Thes2 weight training tips are essentially based on the ACSM guidelines.

High Intensity Training & Tips for Workout Recovery

Recovery Period – The third tip to help you get maximum results from your strength training is to make sure you have proper and complete recovery and rest during the time span between your exercise sessions. If a person is doing a complete body workout routine or if utilizing a split workout program (different body parts on different days), the necessity for the bodies recovery stays the same. This time span should always take at least 48 hours but generally a longer time period of 72 to 96 hours usually works better. Keep in mind that your muscles actually develop and grow during this time and you should want the recovery period to be sufficient. Initially the muscles have to have their basic recovery from the stimulus of the high intensity workout, then additional time to overcompensate and adapt. Ideally the muscle will recruit more muscle fibers and then be at a higher level of strength for the next workout. To ensure that you get full recovery you should make certain that you get adequate sleep, proper nutrition and also avoid over training. Too much exercise or workouts done too frequently can be detrimental to your training results.

Always try to follow these three weight training tips – Use proper exercise form, exercise in a high intensity fashion and be sure to allow for full recovery. With this the benefits of your muscle building workouts will increase dramatically.

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Muscle Building Tips – To get the maximum benefit from your high intensity training there are several things that can be done. Some are simple while some are a bit more complicated. Some take place in the gym during your workouts while some take place outside the gym. Here are a few muscle building tips that are sure to help you.

Muscle Building and Your Repetitions

Muscle Building Tips and Repetitions – How many reps to do? Many people per-determine how many reps they will do, perform their repetitions up to a certain number and then stop exercising. Does that make sense? Can your muscles count? Is that certain number magical? A much better approach is to embrace the idea that you are going to “work to failure” meaning you are going to perform reps until your muscles are fully fatigued and you can not continue. Your last rep should be a failed attempt, hence the term failure. What does this do? It involves the maximum number of available muscle fibers and provides a great stimulus to signal the muscles to get stronger. Stopping short of muscle failure will provide a much lower level of muscle recruitment stimulation.

The muscle building by training to muscle fatigue has been shown through extensive scientific research to be highly effective even though some out date methods suggest other wise. Do yourself a favor and incorporate this into your workouts as it makes a huge difference. This type of high intensity training is hard to perform and you have to push yourself to work this hard. The good news is that you do not need or want to do a lot of this type of high intensity training so your workouts are brief but intense. When you first begin doing an exercise have the mental approach that you are going to do as many proper reps as you can do!

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Muscle Building and Water

Water – Drink adequate water! This may sound simple but it is an important muscle building tip that is often neglected. Many people believe they consume the right amount of water but in reality their body would function better if properly hydrated. Hard exercise can easily begin to dehydrate your body so you want to visit the water fountain often. With proper dehydration the muscles will perform better and be able to contract with more force and greater endurance. Internal organs such as the liver and kidneys will also function better. Muscle tissue is made up of a high percentage of water so during the rest and recovery phase the body will do best if kept well hydrated. The traditional recommendation is to drink eight glasses of water per day. Some experts suggest more, as much as double this amount. One good idea is simply to drink water before, during and after a hard workout. If you are following a creatine supplementation program then you also want to make sure you are drinking enough water. Drinking water from a plastic water bottle is NOT recommended for various reasons which you can learn about at the Story of Plastic Water Bottles.

High Intensity Training and Breathing

Muscle Building and Breathing – Another area that people often fail to think about involves their breathing. It is easy to take breathing for granted. This leads to many people breathing poorly or even holding their breath at the time that they need oxygen the most – during exercise! The traditional suggestion is to exhale as lift a weight and inhale as you lower it back down slowly. This is very good advice but do not be overly concerned with the exact timing of the breathing. It is not vitally important if the breathing in and out coincides with the up and down of the weight lifting motion. What is really important is to make sure you keep breathing deeply and rhythmically s0 do NOT hold your breath. Also as a general rule it is also important to stay relaxed expect for the muscles that are doing the exercise. Do not tense up excessively as it can reduce the effectiveness of an exercise. It makes no sense to tense extra muscles, perhaps even the entire body, if you are doing bicep curls. Just tense the biceps! Excessive tension takes away from your ability to do the exercise properly.

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