High Intensity Training – The Key to Great Workouts!

Learn the Secrets to High Intensity Training!


Physiologists have long known that High Intensity Training is one of the most effective ways to build strength, develop muscle and increase your fitness level. However it is also a training method that is often misunderstood and as a result high intensity training is not used very often or very well by the many men and women who regularly engage in weight training. The high intensity training system is based on extensive scientific research and is backed by exercise science and many studies have shown just how effective it can be.

High Intensity Training Tips!

To get the most from high intensity weight training you should first get a thorough understanding of the workout principles and than put them into practice. One of the first things to understand is that high intensity training means brief but strenuous workouts. It is not possible to train with a  high intensity level for an extended period of time. To workout for long periods of time it is absolutely necessary to lower the intensity level. Such a lower intensity workout will not yield the maximum in strength training results. It is not the quantity of weight training that is important it is the quality!

Proper form and High Intensity Training

Another important aspect to high intensity training is the use of proper form for each exercise you perform. It is a natural tendency for people training with weights to simple do the exercise in whatever way is possible to get it completed. This usually results with the specific exercise being done in poor form. This cheating is just a way to make the exercise easier. Obviously to enhance your workout results you want to make your muscles work harder. This is accomplished by using strict form which puts more tension and stress on the working muscles. Using a slow and controlled speed of motion while working against the resistance is the most important part of using good form. An example of this can be seen with a chin-up. To start you should be hanging still in a complete hang position. Than smoothly pull up, taking about two full seconds until your chin is above the bar. Pause and hold this position for one full second. Lower back down slowly, taking about four full seconds, all the way down until you reach the full hang position. Do all your reps with this same strict technique.

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Failure Means Success with High Intensity Training

Along with using this strict form the other very important aspect of fitness training is to continue each exercise to the point of momentary muscle failure. This simply means to do as many reps as you possible can until you fail to do the next one. Don’t just do as many as you think you can do, make it as many as you really can perform, in good form of course. Don’t just select a certain number and predetermine how many reps will be done. Your muscles cannot count but they do know when they have been exercised thoroughly. This high intensity training effort will stimulate the muscles to get stronger by recruiting more muscle fibers to use for the next workout.

The Importance of Recovery with High Intensity Training

As mentioned previously the high intensity training method requires brief but intense workouts. To incorporate this into your workouts several points should be kept in mind. First the total number of sets and exercises should be relatively low. It is not the amount of exercise that gives you a good workout but it is the amount of effort that is used with each exercise. Another factor is that your body requires time and rest between workouts to recover, develop and grow stronger. Therefore workouts should be spaced several days apart to allow for full recovery. Following these guidelines will help you get the most from your high intensity workouts.

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