If You Are in Great Shape, Consider High Intensity Training

High Intensity Training –

High Intensity training varies from typical weight training methods in that is performed with such intensity to the point of momentary muscular failure. Although you will be required to push yourself out of your comfort zone, the payback is that you will be burning fat while sitting on the couch long after your workout, advocates say as much as nine times as much as working on a treadmill at a moderate pace. If you are willing to put your body through these high intensity workouts, you will accomplish much more fat-burning work in a fraction of the time.

Popularized by Arthur Jones, the founder of Nautilus, in the 1970s, the principles of this training is that the exercise should be brief, infrequent and intense. Due to the intensity of the workout, there is more emphasis on the recovery part of the workout than with other more traditional methods. With all high intensity training workout routines, the emphasis always will be on the following:

High Intensity Training

1. High level of effort. Maximum stress will be put on the muscles, which will stimulate the body to produce an increase in muscular strength and size. As strength increases, resistance will increase progressively, always providing the muscles with adequate overload.

2. Relatively short and infrequent training. The longer the workout is, the lower the intensity must be, as the level of intensity of these workouts is such that the body cannot withstand the stress for an extended length of time. The greater length of recovery is because the muscles are extensively taxed; more time is needed to recover. The recovery period is really the time when the benefits of the workout are being reaped.

3. The cadence of the lift. The cadence of the workout during high intensity training is considered vital, particularly because of the intensity involved in order to prevent injury. Strict form and controlling of the lifts are always stressed, with yanking of the weight, jerking or bouncing to be strictly eliminated.

Some advocates of high intensity training will carry out the cadence lifting the weights in a smooth but natural pace. Some will time the lift, with the lift broken down into counts. For instance, on the lat pull down exercise, the cadence would be: Three seconds pulling down, one second pause, three seconds in raising the bar back up, finished with a one second rest at the top. This would complete one repetition.

The skeptics of high intensity workouts claim that it flies in the face of much of the conventional wisdom involving weight training. The standard of weight training has been using a weight one can lift eight to twelve times, with three sets being the accepted practice. But there is just too much evidence to support high intensity workouts to say that it has no place in muscle-building.

One last word of caution: never do workouts that exceed what you are in shape to do. High intensity workouts should only be done by those who are already in great physical shape or minimally have been exercising for at least a few months. If you haven’t had a thorough physical exam recently, it is highly recommended you get one to find about any health issues before you start.

High intensity training has been proven to be probably the Best Way to Gain Muscle. For losing weight and building stamina, Intense Cardio Routines also is an excellent vehicle. Read more about it on our webpages. Rich Carroll is a writer and health advocate living in London.

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